Hallux valgus minimally-invasive surgical knife



The utility model relates to the technical field of medical instruments, in particular to a Hallux valgus minimally-invasive surgical knife, which is provided with a knife head and knife handle, wherein the knife head is provided with a straight-bladed blade. The utility model is characterized by being provided with an extension rod and a sickle-shaped knife, wherein the extension rod is in an arc shape, the arc shape of the extension rod is matched with the convex surface of a first metatarsal bone head, one end of the extension rod is connected with the knife handle, the other end thereof is fixedly connected with the straight-bladed blade, the edge of the straight-bladed blade is arranged at the right side of the arc surface of the extension rod, and is vertical to the arc surface, the left end of the sickle-shaped is fixedly connected with the straight-bladed blade in a cross way, the edge of the straight-bladed blade is in transition connection with the edge of the sickle-shaped blade, and the curved surface formed by the sickle-shaped blade and the straight-bladed blade is matched with the arc surface of the outer edge of hallux proximal phalanx. By adopting the structure, the utility model has rational structure and convenient use, and can reduce the normal two cuts into one cut, so that the operation wound is less, can be quickly healed, and is beautiful after the operation, and the utility model reduces allowable blood volume, shortens operation time, and reduces the pain of a patient.




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