Novel multifunctional cooking machine



A novel multifunctional cooking machine belongs to household cooking and soup stewing appliances, and is designed to relieve the fatigue of people after work, enable people to enjoy food and delicious soup in a short time, and realize energy conservation and environmental protection. Aiming at the technical problems, the cooking machine adopts the technical scheme that a thermal insulating inner container (2) is arranged in a housing (1); a heat supply stove (3) is arranged in the container; a pot (4) is arranged on the stove; a motor power shaft of a housing lid (5) is connected with a stirrer (7) placed in the pot; an electric heating tube (9) and an exhaust device (10) with the oil fume filtering function are arranged on the housing lid; a water collecting trough (11) is arranged on the upper edge of the housing; the water falling hole of the water collecting trough is connected with a water collecting box (13) through a water conduit (12); and an energy sources interface (14), a circuit board (15) and an operation control button (16) are mounted on the side wall of the housing.




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