Gas-gun device used for testing dynamic property of material



The utility model discloses a gas-gun device used for testing the dynamic property of materials, and is characterized in that a combination of a bullet and a fly piece and a combination test piece which are separated; the combination of a bullet and a fly piece comprises a bullet body and a fly piece which adopt cylinders; a fly piece seat is arranged at the front end of the bullet body and is formed by inwardly recessing the middle part of the front end surface of the bullet body; the fly piece is arranged in the fly piece seat, the size of the fly piece seat is matched with that of the fly piece, and the fly piece is tightly matched with the side wall of the fly piece seat; at least three steps are sequentially arranged on the combination test piece in the same direction; detection points are respectively arranged on each step; and the combination test piece is made of the material identical with that of the fly piece. After the gas-gun device used for testing the dynamic property of materials and provided by the utility model is applied, compared with the parameters of standard materials, the gas-gun device has very high precision after being testified through experiments, thereby being capable of serving as the device for testing the dynamic property of materials.




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