Shaft corrosion prevention device



The utility model relates to a corrosion prevention device, in particular to an oilfield shaft corrosion prevention device, which comprises a central pipe, an upper joint and a lower joint, wherein the upper joint and the lower joint are in threaded connection at two ends of the central pipe. The shaft corrosion prevention device is characterized in that a protective sleeve is sleeved on the outer wall of the central pipe, retainer rings are fixed at two ends of the inner wall of the central pipe, one or more faceplates is sleeved on a mandrel spaced by bushes, and two ends of the mandrel penetrate through centers of the retainer rings and fixed by nuts. The shaft corrosion prevention device achieves corrosion prevention by aid of characteristics of special alloy on conditions without chemicals, electricity or magnets, reduces corrosion of oilfield shafts, is convenient in use and free of maintenance or repair, and can be put into shafts when in workover treatment.




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