Separately excited 25W-36W energy-saving lamp electronic ballast circuit



A separately excited 25W-36W energy-saving lamp electronic ballast circuit comprises a filter circuit, an over-voltage protection circuit, a bridge rectifier circuit, a half-bridge oscillation and drive circuit, an abnormal protection circuit and another half-bridge oscillation and drive circuit, wherein the filter circuit can effectively inhibit electromagnetic interference caused by radiation and conduction; the over-voltage protection circuit can absorb the instant high pulses of input voltage, so as to prevent the instant high pulses from entering the follow-up circuits to result in failures; the bridge rectifier circuit can convert 50 Hz AC voltage input by the over-voltage protection circuit into 100 Hz unidirectional pulse voltage; the half-bridge oscillation and drive circuit enables a half-bridge tube and the output frequency to be more stable; the abnormal protection circuit provides a stable voltage for the output circuit through trigger failures or void lamp protection, lamp filament open circuit protection and low input voltage protection; and the other half-bridge oscillation and drive circuit adopts a dedicated control chip, and can drive a half-bridge circuit formed by an MOSFET (Metal-Oxide -Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor). The utility model has the advantages of stable power factor and frequency, wide power supply voltage range, and low temperature rise, high conversion efficiency and long service life when used together with a lamp tube.




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