Portable stock-level alarm device



The utility model relates to a portable stock-level alarm device which is characterized by comprising a stock-level sensing cylinder (1) and an alarm circuit cylinder (2) that are connected together in parallel; one side of the stock-level sensing cylinder (1) is provided with a displacement switch hole (3); the stock-level sensing cylinder (1) is internally provided with sensing balls (4) made of tempered plastic materials; the sensing balls (4) are connected in series by rubber soft ropes (5); each sensing ball (4) is internally filled with hydrogen; one end of the rubber soft ropes (5) is fixed at a fixed end (6) at the center of the upper bottom in the stock-level sensing cylinder (1); the alarm circuit cylinder (2) is provided with a displacement switch (7), a control switch (8) and a colored alarm lamp (9); the alarm circuit cylinder (2) is internally provided with a fixed power supply (10) and an adjustable resistor (11); and the colored alarm lamp (9) is connected in a circuit in parallel. The portable stock-level alarm device has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance, and is free from radiation hazard, very convenient and rapid in carrying and installation, and applicable to various work environments.




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