Sponge punching machine



The utility model discloses a sponge punching machine, comprising an operating floor (1). The operating floor (1) is provided with a conveyor belt (4), and a punching mechanism (2) is arranged above the operating floor (1). The bottom part of the punching mechanism (2) is connected with punching cutters (3), and the punching cutters (3) are two mutually matched shoe-shaped cutters. The bottom part of the punching mechanism is provided with the two mutually matched shoe-shaped cutters, so that two products are obtained in one-step punching, and the production efficiency is effectively increased. As sizing material is fully utilized, the sizing-returning weight is reduced. An operating handle is arranged under the operating floor to be conveniently operated, and the speed of a main machine is adjusted as required. The sponge punching machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture and good using effect.




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