Gas-floating cylinder-body boring machine



The utility model discloses a gas-floating cylinder-body boring machine, which comprises a working table, a cushion block, a towing plate, a clamp device, a pneumatic mechanism, a variable-speed transmission mechanism, a main shaft, a self-aligning mechanism and a control panel, wherein the cushion block is placed on the lower surface of the working table; the clamp device, a towing plate and the main shaft are installed on the upper surface of the working table; the pneumatic mechanism is connected with the towing plate; the control panel is fixed at the front surface of the variable-speed transmission mechanism; the variable-transmission mechanism is installed on the upper part of the towing plate and is connected with the main shaft; and the self-aligning mechanism is installed inside the main shaft. The gas-floating cylinder-body boring machine utilizes the pneumatic mechanism to lead the towing plate to be in air-floatation move in vertical direction and horizontal direction, and has small resistance force; meanwhile, the self-aligning mechanism can realize rapid and accurate positioning for the main shaft. The gas-floating cylinder body boring machine has strong universality, stable and reliable clamping cylinder body, and high processing precision and efficiency.




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