Powder applying device for small particle size ball granulator



The utility model relates to a powder applying device for a small particle size ball granulator, comprising a funnel shaped hopper, the lower neck of which is provided with a flow adjusting mechanism for adjusting powder flow, the flow adjusting mechanism is a valve, or cooperation of a slot and an inserting plate, the slot is a transverse slot at the lower neck of the hopper, the inserting plate can horizontally slide in the slot, the valve is a butterfly valve, the outlet at the lower neck of the hopper is provided with an oblique diversion trench, the center line and the vertical direction of the diversion trench form an angle Alpha, which is in the range of from 30 degree to 60 degree, the diversion trench is an approximate horn body with a small inlet and a big outlet, or a part of a cambered surface of an approximate horn body with small inlet and big outlet; the powder applying device for the small particle size ball granulator in the utility model provided in the utility model is advantaged by uniform powder applying, simple structure, and low cost.




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