Wheel-type quick-closing gate



A wheel-type quick-closing gate relates to a large flow gate capable of controlling the flow rate accurately and comprises a controller, a gate frame, a round gate and a driving device; the gate is in liquid seal fit with the gate frame and can rotate relative to the gate frame; a through port is arranged in a gate semicircle and the area of the through port is smaller than the area of the gate semicircle; the lower half part of the gate frame is provided with a channel matched with the through port in shape; a gear ring is arranged on the periphery of the gate, the driving device is meshed with the gear ring by a gear, and the controller is connected with the driving device. The wheel-type quick-closing gate has controllable opening degree, realizes quick and sensitive opening and closing actions. The wheel-type quick-closing gate is provided with an inductor for sensing the liquid level, and the inductor can instruct the gate to open/close when the liquid level in any side reaches or is under the preset liquid level; besides, as sewage treatment plants and chemical plants have requirements on the PH value of the flowing liquid, the wheel-type quick-closing gate also can be provided with a PH value inductor for meeting the requirements.




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