Multifunctional high-efficiency step-in type laboratory



The utility model discloses a multifunctional high-efficiency step-in type laboratory, which comprises a laboratory body, wherein the laboratory body is respectively connected with a controller and an electricity leakage protector, one side of the laboratory body is provided with a heater, an impeller and an evaporator, the impeller is positioned above the heater, the evaporator is arranged under the heater, a circulation fan is connected on the impeller, a laboratory door is arranged at the front side of the laboratory body, and the laboratory door is in a folio double-door structure and is provided with window glass. The utility model has simple structure, can adapt to the production requirements of long time, stability, safety and reliability, can meet the long-time use requirements of users, has compete functions, convenient operation and maintenance, long service life, good user interface of the appearance, simple and direct-viewing effect of user operation and monitoring and high efficiency.




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