Bedside oral nursing cup


  • Inventors: QIU YUYU
  • Assignees: 江南大学
  • Publication Date: December 01, 2010
  • Publication Number: CN-201658489-U


The utility model belongs to medical nursing equipment and relates to an oral nursing cup which is convenient for use by a lucid bedridden patient and capable of leading bedside gargling to be clean and sanitary, operation of nursing staffs to be simple, convenient and easy, and the patient to feel comfortable in the oral nursing process. The oral nursing cup consists of a cup body (9), a handle (8), partitions (4), a clear water cup cover (6) and a sponge pad (5). The cup body (9) is divided into a clear water cup (1), a mouthwash cup (2) and a dirty water cup (3) by the partitions (4). The clear water cup (1) and the mouthwash cup (2) are provided with the cup cover, and the cup cover is provided with two suction tube inlets (7). The outer side wall of the dirty water cup (3) is provided with an arc-shaped opening, the outer side of which is provided with the sponge pad (5) in the shape matched with that of the arc-shaped opening, the sponge pad (5) can be detached conveniently so as to be convenient to clean, and one side of the sponge pad (5) is fixed with the cup wall by a magic tape.




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