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US-8337942-B2: Light induced plating of metals on silicon photovoltaic cells patent, US-6793142-B2: Context sensitive information access artifacts patent, US-7307723-B2: Method for the optical characterization of materials without using a physical model patent, US-7679506-B1: Method of using an emergency alert system patent, US-7707412-B2: Linked authentication protocols patent, US-7766492-B2: Projector with enhanced grounding effect patent, US-7818357-B2: Systems and methods for implementing CORDIC rotations for projectors and related operators patent, US-7891684-B1: Decoupled 5-link independent rear suspension patent, US-8087097-B2: Protection pad for cyclist trousers and relative method of realization patent, US-8189979-B2: Buffered optical fibre and method for improving the lifetime thereof patent, US-8225445-B2: Method for the wet treatment of items of laundry patent, US-8354450-B2: Creatine oral supplementation using creatine hydrochloride salt patent, US-8442856-B2: Translation support apparatus and computer-readable storage medium patent, US-8484233-B2: Facet, logic and textual-based query composer patent, US-8487993-B2: Estimating vehicle height using homographic projections patent, US-6932699-B2: Game device, game region expansion and contraction method, game program and information storage medium patent, US-6988495-B1: Bow grip assembly patent, US-7101218-B2: Two wire folder line plugs and connectors patent, US-7314421-B2: Power system of hybrid vehicles patent, US-7398604-B2: Tape rule with resilient lock patent, US-7525532-B2: Pointing device patent, US-7702543-B2: Methods and systems for providing a consumer shopping experience whereby the availability of services is indicated patent, US-7756595-B2: Method and apparatus for producing and distributing live performance patent, US-7854493-B2: Method of manufacturing inkjet printhead and inkjet printhead manufactured using the method patent, US-7953676-B2: Predictive discrete latent factor models for large scale dyadic data patent, US-8206187-B2: Female terminal fitting patent, US-8226354-B2: Magnetostrictive measurement of tensile stress in foundations patent, US-8249348-B2: Label reuse method and system for connected component labeling patent, US-8259626-B2: Telecommunication system and method for generating and sending a telecommunication session message patent, US-8342848-B2: Apparatus for developing and/or augmenting communication skills patent, US-8454046-B1: Platform assembly for a towed implement patent, US-8470986-B2: Method for production of sugar oxazoline derivative patent, US-7014629-B2: Tapered infusion sleeve portal patent, US-7653718-B2: Shell specific filtering and display of log messages patent, US-7863521-B2: Cold shrink article and method of using cold shrink article patent, US-8041695-B2: Automatically extracting data from semi-structured documents patent, US-8167757-B2: Limited slip differential and manufacturing method for limited slip differential patent, US-8335609-B2: Method and system for exposing and recording embedded avionics data patent, US-8475167-B2: Magnetically implantable prosthetic device and method to shorten healing time, enhance bone fusion, and retard bacterial growth patent, US-8531911-B2: Ultrasonic observation apparatus, operation method of the same, and computer readable recording medium patent, US-7317162-B2: Protective housing for power cord connection patent, US-7503309-B2: Throttle control apparatus patent, US-7650587-B2: Local coloring for hierarchical OPC patent, US-8056125-B2: Recording medium storing control program and communication system patent, US-7180155-B2: Method for manufacturing thin-film multilayer electronic component and thin-film multilayer electronic component patent, US-7475655-B2: Absorbent composition and extended use pet litter patent, US-7814849-B1: Seed tube for an agricultural planter patent, US-7953783-B2: Interpolating cubic spline filter and method patent, US-7991068-B2: Method and apparatus to balance maximum information rate with quality of service in a MIMO system patent, US-8075432-B2: Engine unit and straddle type vehicle patent, US-8467048-B2: Pattern defect inspection apparatus and method patent, US-7070444-B2: Cable connector patent, US-7668380-B2: Rate control of scalably coded images patent, US-8431653-B2: Curing agent composition for epoxy resins and epoxy resin composition patent, US-8435782-B2: Cell culture container and method of producing the same patent, US-8585648-B2: Catheter drug pump patent, US-6883280-B2: Integrated post-tension anchor patent, US-7383544-B2: Compiler device, method, program and recording medium patent, US-8279891-B2: Techniques for ethernet optical reach improvement patent, US-8433838-B2: Remote multiplexing devices on a serial peripheral interface bus patent, US-8509644-B2: Fixing device, image forming apparatus incorporating same, and fixing method patent, US-7348562-B2: Method for adapting an existing thermal imaging device patent, US-7808764-B2: System and method for avoiding contact stiction in micro-electromechanical system based switch patent, US-8243761-B2: Decoder synchronization adjustment patent, US-7004094-B2: Drag reduction system and method patent, US-7646346-B2: Antenna for a pen-shaped mobile phone patent, US-8081821-B1: Chroma keying patent, US-6843046-B2: Support wheel assembly for an agricultural implement on an agricultural machine patent, US-7698170-B1: Retail recommendation domain model patent, US-7500866-B2: Lid with projections for covering an opening formed at a mobile communication terminal patent, US-7712422-B2: Folding table patent, US-7713578-B2: Method for fabricating thin film pattern, method for fabricating device, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic apparatus patent, US-7730960-B1: Turf aeration device patent, US-7935381-B2: Hydrophilic coating for fuel cell bipolar plate and methods of making the same patent, US-8014878-B2: Flexible circuit electrode array patent, US-8176038-B2: Organizing pointers to objects patent, US-7728961-B2: Surface height and focus sensor patent, US-8278784-B2: Wireless power transmission for electronic devices patent, US-6963304-B2: Method and apparatus for providing an integrated communications, navigation and surveillance satellite system patent, US-7699563-B2: Landfill and method of decomposing refuse in a landfill patent, US-8238457-B2: Method and system for optimal bitloading in communication and data compression systems patent, US-7093907-B2: Vehicle wheel balance weights patent, US-7169722-B2: Clear glass composition with high visible transmittance patent, US-7369984-B2: Platform-independent real-time interface translation by token mapping without modification of application code patent, US-7048914-B2: Placental alkaline phosphatase to control diabetes patent, US-57828-A: Improvement in drills for boring wells patent, US-7577511-B1: Internal combustion engine control for improved fuel efficiency patent, US-7839923-B2: Method and system for equalizing received signals in communications systems patent, US-8088880-B2: Nanoparticle-modified polyisocyanates patent, US-7053191-B2: Method of preparing 4-R-substituted 4-demethoxydaunorubicin patent, US-7267978-B1: Chimeric transcriptional regulatory element compositions and methods for increasing prostate-targeted gene expression patent, US-7705010-B2: Use of minoxidil sulfate as an anti-tumor drug patent, US-7820207-B2: Stabilized anthocyanin compositions patent, US-7897762-B2: Kinase inhibitors useful for the treatment of proliferative diseases patent, US-8027883-B2: Affiliate manipulation system and method patent, US-7743740-B2: Automatic by-pass safety cooling system for fire pump engines patent, US-8447242-B2: Hybrid circuit for a transceiver front-end patent, US-7749264-B2: Medical devices and methods of making the same patent, US-8577525-B2: Shallow water highlight method and display systems patent, US-7259548-B2: Testing circuits on 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